Connections:- St. Luke'sFamily Service

                     Connections:-St. Luke's Family Service

Connections meets every Sunday at 11am in St Luke's Primary School for 35 minutes followed by refreshments, time to chat and play.


What to expect:  talks, interaction, fun, music, support, a time to chat and .. yes,  cake!


How does it look?  Welcoming, relaxed and informal.

Why are we doing this?   We want to help people connect with God, each other, friend and stranger.

How do we connect?  We connect through

  • Celebration – a sense of thanks for the many blessings we have
  • Creativity – exploring relevant issues in creative ways
  • Community – walking with each other and discovering a wisdom to live by

We are starting a new seried on Philippians on the 15th of Septemebr


Check St. Luke's Face Book page for details.